Friday, November 01, 2013

Halloween Eyeball Treats

I found the "cutest" eyeball treats online and just had to make some for my family. (those are not words I ever thought I'd say!!)

I've had the stuff to make these for quite some time and unfortunately a few life events meant we weren't at work as much as usual and I didn't get to make these for either of us to take in.  I did remember at the last minute yesterday and ran in and made a small batch just because I could!  We ate some and I gave some to the neighbor kids next door, who did proclaim them to be "cool".

Finding red sprinkles during the fall season wasn't easy, but my trusty cake decorating supply store of course had some.  And what fun would eyeball treats be without the bloodshot effects?

When I made these yesterday I couldn't find them on the blog that originally inspired me, so I had to wing it.  I did find it today though - eighteen25 blog.  I used white candy melts so mine aren't zombie eyeballs, but I still like them.

I'll put how I made them and feel free to click over to the original blog as her method is slightly different.

square pretzels
white candy melts
red sprinkles
mini hershey's milk chocolate bar

(I used the convection feature on our microwave and made them in very small batches, but obviously this would work quite well in a regular oven.)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  Place pretzels on a cookie sheet or small pan, then place a candy melt on top of each one.  Put in the oven just long enough for the candy melts to appear shiny, then remove pan from oven.

Carefully put an m&m UPSIDE DOWN on top of each candy melt, then sprinkle some red bloodshot sprinkles on each.

It was at this point that I realized I needed a pupil for each eye and couldn't remember how the original blog did it.  Keith pointed out the plethora of Halloween candy we had waiting on the trick or treaters to come, so I unwrapped a small Hershey's milk chocolate bar and microwaved it just until shiny.  I used a small, pointed butter knife, dipped it in chocolate and made a small pupil on each.

The salty and sweet taste go so well together and I might do these at Thanksgiving with an orange candy melt with brown m&m's..... and no bloodshot eyes ;)