Friday, August 31, 2007

Baby Blanket

This is the blanket I'm working on right now, using Caron Simply Soft yarn. When we were at the lake I talked to mom and she reminded me of one of my new favorite blogs - Wishing I Was Knitting At The Lake - and told me to do this picture. I thought it was a brilliant idea as that's where I got the blanket pattern! Cathy does beautiful baby things and I'm glad I found her blog. And since she seems to also be a lake rat (!), it's almost like we're soul sisters. :)

Ronda T., not sure if you can see them in the picture, but those are the stitch markers you gave me (at the beginning and end of the row)! Thanks - I love them!

Thursday, August 30, 2007

A Joyful Message

You know how sometimes your day just kind of plods along, kind of blah like? Nothing bad at all, just nothing to jump up and down over? Then lo and behold you receive a cell phone picture like this one and suddenly you're just filled with joy! The message that came with it was "I love you this much!"

I have a smile a mile wide now and a skip in my heart. :)

A New US Citizen!

Last night I had such a special experience. A friend became a US citizen and another friend had a party to celebrate. It was so fun to share this with her and really it was quite touching.

All the gifts were red, white and blue and we all wore patriotic colors as well. It was just so nice to see a positive celebration of America.

"Ask not what your country can do for you…Ask what you can do for your country." - John F. Kennedy

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Brooklyn and Her Knitted Socks

James and Loni brought Brooklyn over one evening this weekend. I always love to hold her and love on her. This evening I don't believe I ever did see her eyes. :) They had spent the day at Loni's sister's house, so this baby received lots of loving and I guess it just wore her plum out!

I took the opportunity to bring out the socks I had finally finished knitting and tried them on her. Note to self - measure the foot instead of just blindly following the pattern. These ended up looking like elf shoes on her with the good half inch to inch spare room at her toes. The top fit well though.

You can see just how excited she was to be wearing socks that her Grandma made for her. I, of course, think she's looks precious. Some day she'll be awake and be able to more fully appreciate this sort of thing. :)

If your baby is "beautiful and perfect, never cries or fusses,sleeps on schedule and burps on demand, an angel all thetime," you're the grandma.
~ Teresa Bloomingdale

Monday, August 27, 2007

A Respite at the Lake

This weekend Keith, Joe and I did one of my absolute favorite things in the world - we went to the lake. Our original plan was to dash up there and do a "mow and go" since we just had to get home and get things done. You know the drill - life now is just a constant go, go, go for everybody. But God had other plans for us.

Before anything else we checked on some of our favorite spots. The picture of Keith and Joe shows The Point and while it doesn't show much in the picture we were astonished to see how much less there was of it after the flood. The waters have receded quite a bit, though still a ways to go, and the erosion definitely left its mark on the land.

When we got back to the cabin and saw the grass in the backyard we were a little disheartened to see it so high. We haven't been up there since before Brooklyn was born, so really it had gotten a little out of control. Keith grabbed the weedeater and I grabbed the mower and off we went. It took hours. Honestly though it was so satisfying to do the physical labor side by side with my beloved. We worked, we sweated (a lot!) and we took several water breaks.

After we took showers we decided to run to town and get something to eat. On the way we saw this sight in the lawn of a medical clinic! I really think it was the hot pink that made me notice it in the first place. :) As soon as we noticed it Keith turned to me with a sigh and said "Let me guess - you want to go over there a take a picture." Yup, sure do dear. He's pretty understanding about this sort of thing. And this pink toilet and flamingo is just one reason I love the small towns by the lake. :)

After dinner we stopped by a few more of our favorite spots to check and see how they fared after the flood. This picture shows that the lake is still quite high - that's a handicap parking sign on the the water. There's also a new walkway built with sandbags and plywood just to get to the original walkway to the docks. Lots of cleanup and repairs to be done.

At this point it was getting late in the evening and we were both so tired from all the yardwork, so we finally admitted that we didn't need to be driving home and would stay the night. What a relaxing time we had! Headed back out to the point and took some pictures of Joe. I never think of him as an old dog until I see his little white face in pictures. He was a little miffed at us for not letting him go swimming, but he does like the hiking.

It really turned out to be such a relaxing afternoon/night. We slept in a bit the next day before heading home to all of our obligations. This brief respite that the Lord granted us was so rejuvenating and how blessed we are that He watches out for us this way. When we slow down and listen to our souls and hear what the Lord says to us we can learn so much.

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." - Jeremiah 29:11

Thursday, August 23, 2007


Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with all of you. - 2 Thessalonians 3:16

As I sat thinking last night the word Peace kept coming to me. Right now I am in a wonderful state of Peace. Things are so good - GOD is so good. Way too much turmoil and sense of unbalance the last 2 years and now we have entered a period of beautiful Peace.

It is so good to have a loving husband and good relationship. We can be so silly together (yes even at our advanced age!) and yet the quiet times are so good. Peace. The feeling that it's ok to be quiet and comfortable together and enjoy it. To bask in the glow of our togetherness and praise that we have found one another.

The children are doing well. They all have good jobs, good homes, good lives. Peace. When you know that your children are happy and well. The grandbaby is well and beautiful. Holding her gives me an enormous sense of peace and contentment. Truly there are few things as wonderful in life as holding a grandbaby. Listening to her sounds of happiness while having a bottle bring back so many memories of my babies. I wish I could bottle those sounds and play them often.

Friendships are blossoming and fulfilling. Being with my friends fills a place in my heart. Having girlfriends to talk to, giggle with, hug when either side needs it - God is so good to bring these women into my life. Peace. When you know that your friends are there even if you get caught up in your busy 9-5 life. Seeing a friend's number on your cell phone as it rings brings a sense of delight to your heart.

And the peace of God, which passes all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. - Philippians 4:6-7

I know that there are so many places where there is no Peace, but I praise Him who brings Peace to me. And a song from long ago just popped into my head...

Let there be Peace on earth and let it begin with me...."

Thank you Jesus for bringing that Peace to my life right now.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

On Cards and Socks...

Last Friday night I cropped with friends at a store that we'd not cropped at before. So wonderful and we plan on returning a bunch.
As usual, I did way more chatting than producing, but that makes for a wonderful time for me. I did finish this card and I'm pretty pleased with it. There are many, many thank you cards I need to make and this one will be among them.
Stampin Up! Happy Harmony stamp; Stampin Up! ribbon; Basic Grey paper

I have finished the first sock using Knit Clinic yarn and I LOVE it! The pattern is the International Sock of Doom pattern and it works up very quickly, especially in DK weight yarn. It fits me perfectly and I cannot wait to get #2 done (ok, I must confess that I cannot wait to get it STARTED!!!) so I'll have a pair.
Friday night Glenda brought edamame for dinner. I love this at Pei Wei, so asked where she got it. YAY for me, it's from Sam's. Bought some last night and that will be my lunch today. MMmmm..... And how virtuous I feel eating it. :)

Perfect love sometimes does not come until the first grandchild. ~ Welsh Proverb

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Knit N Nosh and Cheese Enchiladas

Last night on the way home from Knit n Nosh I stopped to get Fancy Feast (mornings get rather tense in my home when we run out). ;) Anyway, I saw this magazine for the first time and snatched it up (the picture is not the current issue). I do believe I have another favorite magazine! I can't wait for fall to be over and have tea parties and this magazine has recipes, photos and decorating ideas. Love it!

Speaking of Knit n Nosh, this is the first time I've been in about 6 weeks and I quite enjoyed it. I was saddened to discover that Kathy's elderly Irish Setter has passed away. He was a retired show dog and gorgeous. I have a soft spot in my heart for Irish Setters since that was the first dog Keith and I got and this one was such a sweetheart.

But there is still a dog at the house - Kathy's mom is living with her and has a little bitty dog that just had her first birthday. That dog can be quite a pill at knit night! We've all learned to keep our purses zipped up lest Dixie grab things and run. Last night I had my knit bag on the floor when we were all in the kitchen getting drinks. Came back and she had snagged a small ball of yarn out of my bag that had been patiently waiting to be more socks for Brooklyn. It actually was pretty funny - she must've run in and out of all the table legs because all we could do was stand there and stare when we entered the room! Yarn was woven everywhere - and of course it was one of the very few times I wasn't sporting a camera. We managed to retrieve all the yarn....and Dixie was banned to her crate. ;)


Here's further proof that things are getting back to normal - we've been cooking again! One of the forums I frequent had quite a conversation going on how to make enchiladas. I learned quite a bit that day and while there isn't an actual recipe I did take a lot of notes. I made cheese enchiladas and we had mexican rice and guacamole on the side. The enchiladas were the bomb, the rice needs a little more work.

BTT - Monogamy

One book at a time? Or more than one? If more, are they different types/genres? Or similar? (We’re talking recreational reading, here—books for work or school don’t really count since they’re not optional.)

I usually have a couple of books going, though they are different genres and formats. I have a novel to read (just dug through my work schlep bag and I forgot my book at home, so can't share what I'm reading right now), some sort of self-improvement or devotional book and I listen to a book while I'm working. Right now I'm feeling pretty hip since my book is on my MP3 player instead of a cd. Yeah, it's the little things. :)

I do know what I'm listening to on the MP3 player - The Friday Night Knitting Club. I've heard both good and bad about the book, but will say that I'm enjoying it as an audiobook.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Log Cabin Syrup Bottle

This was my favorite purchase when we went to garage sales on Saturday. It's a Log Cabin syrup bottle and I was so excited to find it. While I can't say for sure I remember it from my childhood it does strike a chord within.

I've been working on decluttering stuff around the house and almost didn't get this bottle. But I realized that when I have people over I really can use this and it will look so nice on the table. And seeing it in use will make me smile.

I called mom to tell her about this bottle and she was telling me about the Log Cabin syrup tin bottle. I've seen them at flea markets and antique shops, but I just didn't fancy them as well. The difference is that mom remembers the tins with fondness.

Isn't it fun how different things can strike different people?

(And as an aside, Keith really got a kick out of me taking a picture of this bottle!)

Oh and Brooklyn slept through the entire garage sale experience. Clearly she was not impressed with whole idea!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturdy Sky 081107

I am most definitely a morning person. The peace and sounds of morning are the best time of the day.
Today I get to go to garage sales with Loni and Brooklyn and I can't wait. Loni and I love going and of course took a brief hiatus for the birth of the baby. But today we decided to try again for a few. I just checked my little weather forecast thingy and it's supposed to reach 105 degrees today, so we won't have our usual long list of prospects to hit today. Loni did the research and found some sales that listed some things we're interested in and I printed maps last night (well, since it was about 1:00 am I suppose that was really also this morning).
We don't have a set time to go - we decided to just let Brooklyn decide. So I'm enjoying my coffee and knitting on a baby blanket for a friend. I love the peace of early morning and decided to run outside and document the rising sun. I'm sure I looked a sight if anybody peaked into my backyard and saw me standing in my nightgown with a camera pointed at the sky!
So we'll see what little Brooklyn says about saling. Grandpa has already said we can bring her back by and he'll take care of her if she decides she's not interested. I love that man.
"Grandmas are antique little girls." - Unknown

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Random Thoughts

And so life falls back into its routine again. The nice thing is that even though I'm working approximately a million hours a week at work right now and my house is a mess, I'm able to look at a picture of a sweet little someone anytime I feel overwhelmed and she makes me smile. :)

Last night I made Black Bottom Cupcakes to bring to work. The recipe and request was sent to me from a girl in another department, along with a note that they had let me get by without bringing cupcakes for a bit to let me bond with the grandbaby, but enough was enough! LOL! I was tickled and touched by the note, so of course I made them. Keith and I shared the "trial cupcake" while watching Damages last night (yeah, I'm hooked on another tv show!). We thought these were VERY good, so now to see what the workmates think.

This little gem came in the mail yesterday and I feel so hip and cool now! This means I can now put away the 8 track player and join the twentieth century. ;) I've thought about getting an mp3 player/ipod for quite a while and just wasn't sure if I'd use it enough to justify the cost. A friend sent me the link to this one on last week. It's refurbished and was only $14.99 and no shipping! This will be a very inexpensive way to see if it's something I'll use. Keith loaded two of my favorite "albums" on it last night and a couple of podcasts, so I'm set for today. Of course, I had to ask one of the girls at work this morning how to turn it on, but I'll get it all figured out eventually.

An example of my poor neglected house. I bought these flowers two weeks ago when Mom, Gary and Michele came to town and they are still sitting in the same spot. Poor little droopy flowers. When the kids were over for dinner the other night I sat and held Brooklyn while they ate (I got the better end of that deal!!!). I apologized for the flowers and Loni just calmly said "flowers fade next to Brooklyn's beauty". I loved it. :)

"Grandmas are moms with lots of frosting" - Unknown

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Brooklyn Goes to Hobby Lobby

Loni and I are making Brooklyn's baby announcements! We've gotten together a couple of times and I am thoroughly enjoying it. It really is so much fun to share my hobbies with her. The little toot taught herself to knit, so we have spent time together doing that as well. The announcements are coming out so beautiful and I can't wait to share a picture of them (I figure I better wait until people receive them first!)

Last night Loni, Brooklyn and I went up to Hobby Lobby to get a couple more things for the announcements and naturally I brought my camera. I mean really, this being her first Hobby Lobby trip and all, what's a Grandma to do??? You can see in the picture though that the scrapbooking supplies didn't do much to excite her. And I should've gotten a better picture of just her since she had on an adorable little pink outfit that had a Winnie the Pooh on it, accompanied by sweet little pink shoes.

We next headed to the yarn section - naturally - so that I could pick up a couple of skeins of Simply Soft to start another baby blanket. Apparently yarn wasn't very exciting either! As many knitters as we have in this family I figure it's just a matter of time though.

Monday, August 06, 2007


This little girl has truly stolen our hearts. :) The past two weekends she has met a large part of our extended families. It's funny how somebody so tiny can have all the adults running around to do her bidding. It is such a joy to just hold her and feed her and love her.