Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday's Fave Five #251

It's Friday - thank goodness!  Time to list 5 of my favorite blessings of the week.  Susanne at Living to Tell the Story is running this gathering, so head over and read more blessings.  :)

1. The neatest thing happened to me yesterday on the way to a doctor appointment.  Flipping through the radio channels I happened on the song "You're My Best Friend" by Queen and started singing along.  My beloved's beautiful face came to mind and I had the biggest smile - just a fun moment.  Then I pulled up to a stoplight and a big, bright butterfly flew past the window and it became a take my breath away moment.  I have noticed in the past few years that many times, just when I need it most (even if I didn't realize I needed it), the Lord will send a butterfly flitting past and it's always such a heartwarming moment.  I was telling this story to Keith last night and I told him it was one of those perfect moments in life that you truly want to wrap up and put in a box so that you can take it out and experience it time and time again.  God is so awesome!

2. Last Saturday I went to a crop for the first time in months and had such a fabulous time!  It was great to talk and laugh with friends and to come away from the day with a renewed excitement for paper crafts.  I managed to take one picture that day, just of the general area in front of me:

3. Tuesday was Grandparents Day at Brooklyn's school and Keith and I were fortunate enough to be able to go.  We all had breakfast together, toured the school with her and checked out the book fair (they are brilliant for scheduling the book fair when Grandparents Day was going on.  Coincidence?  I think not!).  She is getting to be more and more fun and we enjoy every single minute we get to spend with her.  And let me add too that we are so thankful that she still wants us to come!  :)

4. Good times....  One day after work we decided that a cherry limeade sounded good, so off to Sonic we went.  Beau was especially pleased when the sweet sound of his favorite words rang out - "Dogs get to go!!"

5. I stopped at Central Market on the way home from a doctor appointment and found a "new to me" kind of apple - Sweetango.  The sign said they were from Minnesota, so that grabbed me right off the bat.  The sign further said that they were juicy, sweet, with just a hint of fall seasonings.  I have a thing for offbeat apple varieties, so I bought two.  While they were quite tasty I would have a hard time saying they were so good as to warrant the higher price.  But if I have to splurge on something, really an apple isn't too bad... right?  ;)

Wishing all a very blessed week! 

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Faith said...

enjoyed reading your FFF!! have a wonderful weekend!

Eunice said...

I can relate. I have now been going to Grandparents Day for 16 years with this year trying to get to visit 4 different rooms.
The red cardinal is my God moment like your butterfly.
Honeycrisp apples are my favorite. They originated in MN too.
Miss you!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Hoping we'll be close enough, geographically, to go to Grandparents Day someday...right now, Florida to Kentucky is quite a haul. Sounds like you had a great time.

This sounds like a great week, too! Hope the week ahead is even better.

Willow said...

Hmmm, I will have to watch for what God sends for my 'God blessing moments'.

Two of my grandkids are homeschooled and the other one is 2400 miles away--no Grandparents Day for me. :(

Apples for your splurge sounds like an okay thing to do--healthy snack!

Susanne said...

Love all the pictures you added this week! Your granddaughter is adorable. Love when God brings a little pick me up blessing through something in nature!