Tuesday, September 17, 2013

{Favorite Products} SweetBaby Cuticle Oil

This is a totally different kind of post for me, but I get so much good product information from blogs that I wanted to give back.  And once in a while you run across something that impresses you so much you really do have to share.

Let me start off by saying this is not a sponsored post.  In fact, the owner of this Etsy shop has no idea I'm doing this.  I will though give a shout out to ChitChatNails blog as her review is what led me to ordering this product.

I don't know if it's getting older, my body chemistry or what my hands come in contact with on a daily basis, but my cuticles dry out horribly.  I've tried a lot of products - and most do work - but for one reason or another I haven't found The One yet.

When I read the review on this cuticle oil it was kind of a light bulb moment.  A roller ball for cuticle oil - why has nobody done this before?  SweetBabybyDonna at Etsy does and it's wonderful!  I use the roller applicator on my cuticles and then rub it in with my fingers.  There is no lingering greasy feel and I love that.

I ordered the Caribbean Coconut because I seriously love all things coconut.  What a wonderful, light fragrance!  It was just enough to be fun and not enough to knock you over.

The cost with shipping was $12 and the applicator is a little bit bigger than the average lip balm container.  I thought it would last me a long time, but I'm finding I love how it feels and have been putting it on several times a day so maybe not.  Either way, I'm sure this will be my new 'go to' cuticle oil.

Hope this helps you to have pretty cuticles!

Deep Thoughts:  "God has you in the palm of His hand.  He has never once failed before and the good news is, He is not about to start now."

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Unknown said...

Oh my! I just happened to do a google search on my shop name just for giggles and what do I see but a lovely photo and review of a purchased oil! I love this photo, may I copy it and use it in my shop? I will give you photo credit.

Thank you!! I'm so happy to read your review!!