Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Favorite Christmas List App

It’s been two weeks since last I posted and really after going that long it’s hard to do the first post back.  Thanksgiving was absolutely fabulous for us and I’m still editing pictures, so until that’s ready I’m going to share a recent find.



This is the screen shot from the App Store for Better Christmas List.  Right now it’s on sale for only 99 cents and I am thrilled with it so far!

In the past I would write the list of who all we were buying Christmas gifts for on paper.  As we came up with ideas those would be written in, then as they were purchased I would circle the gift, then highlight it as it was wrapped.  This app does all that and also keeps a running total of what you’ve spent per person and per “group” that you’re buying for.

This is the first year I’ve used it, but one thing that looks great to me is the ability to archive the year and be able to access it next year, thus eliminating that pesky buying the same gift or even buying the same type of gift for a person two years in a row.

I love technology……   Smile


** This is my opinion and not any sort of sponsored post.

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