Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Meows–Our Geriatric Cat

Here it is Monday and because of my love of alliterations on Monday I was kind of stuck.  We haven’t been to a movie lately, nor have I baked any muffins.  Happily I saw somebody else had a Meow on Monday for their blog entry and that clinched the deal.  Of course, our cat’s name is Meeko so that would’ve worked as well!

I realized that I haven’t mentioned the cat on the blog (cat in the hat?) in quite some time, so that meant I had to go search.  Poor little bitty kitty – I haven’t mentioned him since December 2008!  And while there might be some non-animal types out there that just might think it’s a good thing, I really do feel I should mention him at least once every three years.



He is 16.5 years old and is a total indoor cat – except for when he’s in the backyard.  :)   Every now and again when I sit out on the back port with my morning coffee I’ll let him come out with me.  What you can’t see from this picture is that the porch is less than a foot to his left – and this is about as far as he ever wanders!  Ah well – probably good for his soul to get out and look around once in a while.



Meeko is really rather involved in most of my crafting – I just don’t always show him.  He was very interested when I was taking a picture of the Minky Monkey Pillowcase!  Who knew that Monday Meows would Meet Minky Monkeys!   (I just crack myself up!)

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