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Review–Branded by Tim Sinclair

branded cover

by Tim Sinclair
Kregel Publications
121 pages

ABOUT THE BOOK:  The church spends $1.5 million for every one new follower of Jesus. Apple sells 26 iPads every minute.

What is it that makes Apple so exciting and Jesus so boring? What is it that compels someone to bring their iPod everywhere and their Bible nowhere? In a word: marketing. Jesus is a life-changing product with lousy salespeople-people who are intimidated and embarrassed by the word "evangelism" and who show more enthusiasm for their gadgets than their God.

What would life look like if we stopped mass-marketing Jesus and started marketing our faith like Nike and Apple market their products--sharing relationally, from person to person? Using examples from these and other successful companies, author Tim Sinclair challenges Christians to throw out their casual attitudes toward faith and sign on for a marketing campaign for the Savior.

Written with the wit and wisdom of an experienced marketer, Branded peels away the feelings of fear and encourages readers how to share their faith in ways that are honest, authentic, and, most importantly, effective.

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MY REVIEW:  Our church has been talking a lot lately about how the “tried and true” evangelical methods no longer work in today’s society. So when I saw this book I eagerly delved in to see what thoughts the author might have.

It was really quite interesting and had many comparisons to some of the popular brand names that are being marketed today.  While it’s definitely not an evangelical how-to book, it does give you quite a bit to ponder and consider.

“The hardest part for Christians to grasp is that, even though we might not “get”a specific culture or worldview, our inability to understand it is completely irrelevant. A persons’ lens is that person’s reality, and it’s a reality that we must be prepared to speak to (and through) if we hope to effectively share Christ.”

Umm….wow!  When reading such clear honesty it can sometimes cause a person to squirm in their seat.  But perhaps it’s time for us to do some squirming and actually look at the way we talk to and act around others rather than trying to bop them on the head with a Bible.

I definitely recommend reading Branded, Sharing Jesus With A Consumer Culture as it gives some out of the box ideas to a centuries old Christian task.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Tim Sinclair is a radio personality on one of the top Christian morning shows in the country, Mornings with Tim and Pam. For over a decade, he has been helping radio stations and various other businesses creatively and effectively market themselves. His award-winning productions have been heard on more than 2,000 radio stations worldwide and recent clients include McDonald's, Word Records, Moody Press, and the country's most-listened to Christian nonprofit radio station KSBJ/Houston. Tim has written for CCM Magazine and the Huntsville Times. For more about Tim, please visit his website,

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Tim Sinclair said...


Thanks so much for reading and reviewing BRANDED. I truly appreciate it! I hope it was challenging, and yet encouraging at the same time.

Please let me know if there's ever anything I can do for you.

In Christ,