Monday, February 21, 2011

Brooklyn Says Ewe

Late last week my in-law’s came through town on their way elsewhere and we had the best evening.  All the kids were able to meet us for dinner and of course it’s just so wonderful to all get together.

Since we knew that Brooklyn would probably not want to sit and visit as long as what we’d like (what 3 year old would?) we bought her a My Little Pony the night before. It was so cute – came with a little saddle and puppy. At one point she asked me to play with her and she gave me the pony because she wanted the puppy. I got the better end of that deal because I love My Little Pony!

But when we told her that the Pony’s name was Applejack she started saying “ewe”, drawing the word out in true southern fashion. And at the end of the word she would twist her lips to the side and it was cracking us up! I pulled out my phone and managed to catch a little bit of it:


My mother-in-law brought along a picture of our son James when he was a wee lad and she showed it to Brooklyn.  “Brooklyn this is your daddy” she said.  “Noooo!” Brooklyn replied and of course we all laughed. I tried and tried to get her to pose with the picture up close to her face so we could see if she looked like her daddy or not, but she started getting the sillies and this is the best one I got:

photo (19)


We did get a great picture of James though, with his wonderful wife at his side:

photo (18)


Such a nice visit with everybody and then we went home and the in-law’s spent the night.  I so enjoy time with my family.  Smile

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Just Call Me Grammy said...

Oh goodness...that video is adorable!!! It's always funny when little ones try to figure out us as young people. I have some pics of grandpa and I out and Olivia is fascinated with us as children. I would love to know exactly what she is thinking.