Thursday, June 03, 2010

Brooklyn Tries S’Mores

One of the best parts about grilling burgers and hot dogs is making s’mores.  Last year we made s’mores in the oven and while those were really good, it wasn’t quite the same experience without the worry of catching the marshmallow on fire.

024 copy

Come to find out, this was the first time Brooklyn had ever tried a s’more!  She wasn’t so sure about the idea, but we finally talked her into taking a bite.


027 copy

She liked it!  In fact, she’s telling us here that she wants 2 more!



And with that she settled in and got comfortable, very happy to be eating a s’more.  Really does it get any better than this?


031 copy

I’m not sure if you can tell on this picture, but there’s a little bit of chocolate on her eyelid.  This girl really  liked them…


034 copy

…even if they do get a little messy!


032 copy

I absolutely love this picture of my daughter-in-law and Brooklyn being silly.

Life is good…..


Deb Neerman said...

What an adorable child! And what a fabulous memory: the first S'more ... or three!


You know, s'mores are something I never really cared for...I know, how un-american!! :o)

But it's obvious the little one loved them!!