Thursday, December 17, 2009

Little Brooklyn Stories

Please indulge a grandmother a bit.  I realize that my granddaughter is the most precious thing to happen to my family in a long time, so I thought it might be fun to post a few of the cute things she says.  I am very fortunate to have a daughter-in-law that loves to share stories with me.  :)

Loni (daughter-in-law) was busy folding clothes.  When she finished the folding and got up to put them away Brooklyn looked up and said "Wow, good job Mommy, good job!"  I've decided she must get a lot of positive affirmation at home and daycare.
They have a yellow and white cat named Cheeto and a black lab named Xena.  Brooklyn is old enough now that it is her job to let Xena outside in the backyard to "do her business".  Problem is that Cheeto is an indoor cat who is very curious about the great outdoors.

Brooklyn let Xena out and Cheeto slipped outside too.  "Mommy, Mommy, Cheeto outside, Cheeto outside.  OH NO!!!"  I can't help but picture Brooklyn with her palms on her cheeks when she gets to the oh no portion of this.
Loni had Brooklyn try on her new Christmas dress last night, the one that is a beautiful blue with a diamond belt.  I can't wait to see this on her because she has such beautiful blue eyes.  Apparently Brooklyn thought that she looked very pretty in it and looked at Loni and said "Show Daddy?"  I think it's adorable that she wanted to show her Daddy how pretty she is.

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Joansie said...

What a beautiful child! Thanks for sharing the stories. (from another proud grandma!!!)