Friday, December 04, 2009

Friday's Fave Five 120409

Ah Friday, how I do love you.  In addition to being the end of the work week I now look forward to looking back at the week and finding my favorites.  Visit Susanne at Living to Tell the Story to see more favorites.

1. Starting off today with something I saw this morning - a backyard filled with birds.  I live right in the middle of the city, so I don't see a lot of birds normally.  But this morning when I took my coffee cup back in the kitchen I looked out the window and there they were.  Included in the crowd were 3 of the biggest, brightest bluejays that I've seen a long while.  Seeing God's creations like this always makes me smile in pleasure.  I'm thinking of setting up a bird feeder again so that maybe they'll continue to come to my yard.

2. Advent Services at church started this week. Maybe if we had Wednesday night services all year long I wouldn't be this excited, but for now I have to say that this is the best mid-week pick-me-up ever.  Sitting with my husband and daughter and worshiping is one of those "it doesn't get any better than this" type of feelings.  I'm so thankful that these services are available to us.

3. Family Teamwork - Last Wednesday the first to arrive at our house was my in-law's.  We sat at the kitchen table visiting and finalizing the meal plan for Thanksgiving and it was a great time of sharing. My sister-in-law called to tell me that they were stuck on the highway and not moving at all.  I looked it up on the gps and called my mom and grandma so that I could help re-route them and keep them from getting caught in the mess.  We found out later that a semi had overturned and no traffic at all was getting by, so it was great to have gotten the warning call in time to get mom and grandma out of the mess.

4. Family Teamwork Part II - I'll admit that I was a little concerned over how well I'd be able to get things done this Thanksgiving since I have broken ribs.  Why in the world I worried I'll never know - I was treated like a queen!  Everybody here pitched in and did so much.  Funny thing is that I have the world's tiniest kitchen and it was fun to see how many cooks you really can get in there when you try (sort of like the clowns in the car at the circus???).  I lost count of how many times we'd hear "excuse me" or "oh, sorry!" from people bumping into one another.  And this is also the first year my daughter, 24, really took part in the food preparations, so that was very special to me.  We even cooked the turkey using a spread of butter and poultry seasoning similar to what she'd seen on the Food Network.  Every woman knows that it makes you feel good to contribute to the meal and her smile showed she felt the same.

5. My first Christmas Card!  A photo card from a family member with a picture of the cutest 2 year old boy ever.  Is there anything that can compare to the fun feeling of going out to the mailbox to get your mail and finding Christmas cards?  Which reminds me that I need to get mine done and in the mail.

It also reminds me of a tradition I read about many years ago that I just love.  When you open a Christmas card take a few minutes to stop and pray for the person/family that sent it to you.  Many times a Christmas card will be the only time you hear from some people, so don't let the opportunity to pray for them pass you by.


Lisa notes... said...

I love your list! So many special things to me, too. I got my first Christmas cards today--it is definitely fun going to the mailbox in December. I need to buy some cards and start writing some myself.

What a blessing that your church has advent services. Mine doesn't and I think we really miss out by not taking the time to specifically focus on the blessings of this season. Keep enjoying those special times with your family.

How nice that your daughter was able to help out with Thanksgiving dinner. My 20-yr-old is NOT there yet. ha. But I can't complain; I didn't do much myself this year. Hope your ribs heal quickly.

Have a great weekend!

Stephanie said...

I really like you Christmas tradition of praying for someone when you receive a Christmas card from them. I just might borrow the idea :)

Mari said...

I like your Friday faves. Yes - getting cards is great. I've also prayed for people as I got cards, but forgot about it this year, so thanks for the reminder!

Marg said...

Your post touched the heart...I love how your family stepped in for you, especially the 24 year old..They are so capable.
Isn't that the truth about Worship?
Sitting with family members? I love it...

Brenda said...

Its fun to get our Christmas cards, I don't think I have received any actual cards yet (just e-letters).

Sandy@JesusandDark Choc said...

Love how you used good ole technology and the family working together to get you mom and grandma to your house! :) GPS systems can be great.
The Thanksgiving teamwork sounds wonderful, isn't it neat to see family work together like that. Glad your daughter could help, I can see how that would be so heartwarming!

Karyn said...

Love how everyone pitched in to help out with your holiday meal! My kitchen may rival yours for the 'smallest kitchen ever' title - it always amazes me how many people can be in the kitchen (working or watching) and yet we have no disasters of dropped turkeys or something.

An advent service at church would be nice....but maybe just remembering to stop once in awhile and remind ourselves what the season is all about would do as a substitute for those of us whose churches do not have advfent services.

I like the idea of praying for the person(s) who sends a Christmas card. Thanks for that!

Karyn said...

PS...LOVE your blog background!

Willow said...

I love receiving Christmas cards too! I'ts one of my favorite parts of Christmas--sending and receiving them and keeping in touch with friends. Praying for the senders is a great idea.

Your teamwork fave was reminiscent of my son's favorite navigation tool-- Call Mom or Dad and have them get online!

Susanne said...

Love your Christmas card tradition!

Broken ribs? Ouch! How nice that everyone treated you like a queen. Working together is always so much more fun.