Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday's Fave Five 121109

Today is the perfect example of why I enjoy the Friday's Fave Five so much. I don't feel good, my broken ribs still hurt, I'm cold and I have a headache. <-- See, I'm not perky ALL the time!  Reality is that some days we just don't shine like what we want.  What I"d really like to do is curl up and cry and how silly (and unproductive) is that?  Instead I'm going to focus on some of my blessings from the past week.  AMEN!

1) Santa - Tuesday night we heard the now familiar sound of sirens and loud voices.  Our community has Santa ride on top of a big, shiny red firetruck and drives slowly through the neighborhoods waving, saying Merry Christmas and with Christmas music playing.  It is so much fun to watch families pouring out of their homes and standing in their front yards waving to Santa.  Honestly I couldn't help but smile and wave at him.  It is a fun tradition.

2) A new Christmas tree - We don't have our Christmas decorations down from the attic yet - that's planned for this weekend.  But we bought a 4' white pre-lit tree for the office/hobby room and I'm so enjoying it.  I spend the bulk of my day in this room and it's fun to have the festive tree in here - it makes me smile every time I look at it. 

I'll admit that I first wanted the pink tree, but I was afraid that I might tire of pink someday.  The white tree will give me more decorating options.

3) Christmas services at church - This year the sermon focus is a little different than years past.  Instead of only telling the story of Jesus' birth they are also focusing on His triumphant return.  I'm enjoying it thoroughly and am learning so much.

4) Christmas music - James, Loni and Brooklyn have already given us a Christmas gift this year - Alan Jackson's Let It Be Christmas cd! It makes so much sense to give a Christmas cd early so that it can be enjoyed.  And we do enjoy it - listening to it reminds me of the concert we went to a few months back.  Love his voice.

5) Games - Particularly a new game on the iPhone.  One of my friends discovered a game called Words With Friends and I'm having so much fun with it.  Basically it's Scrabble and you play it with anybody else that has the app on their phone.  Right now I have 5 games going and it's so fun!  You just do your move when you can, it's not a sit down and play now sort of game.  I couldn't tell you how long some of these games last, but I can tell they will be long.  I have been reading more and more about playing games of this sort to keep your mind active, so I guess I'm doing my part!  :)

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Stephani Cochran said...

Amen to thinking on the positive! I haven't read enough of your blog yet to know how you broke your ribs, but that has to be painful! I'm breathing a prayer for you right now! Enjoy decorating the tree! Like your blog by the way!

Brenda said...

How fun to have Santa on a firetruck! I've never seen that but I bet it would be a lot of fun.

And how nice to get a new tree.

Happy weekend.

Willow said...

Santa on the fire truck sounds like fun for the whole family!

Have a great weekend!

Karyn said...

Some Friday's this exercise is the only thing that takes your mind off the pressures of life. Sorry you are in pain....I'll have to go to your home page and find out what happned!

Neighborhood traditions are great! The Santa on the firetruck sounds like the little boys, in particular, love it!

I have yet to put out any Christmas decorations either....must get on that!

Marg said...

Thanks for popping by. It looks like Christmas is sneaking up on you faster than you like..
Oh by the way...No PINK TREES...I love white...
Have a wonderful week.