Sunday, December 07, 2008

Fabric Gift Bags

Like so many people I've become more concerned about my footprint here on earth.  A couple of nights ago while Keith and I were at Hobby Lobby (you just have to love a man that will go to hobby shops with you) I noticed that Christmas fabric was on sale 50% off.  We bought one yard cuts of three different fabrics and decided to start making some of our gift bags.  They are reusable and still so cute.

This is the first one and the gift is now under the tree.  All I did was fold under the upper edge half an inch and iron it, then stitched it down.  With right sides together I sewed the bottom and up the side, then turned right side out and it's done.  Mom described it as similar to a giant pillowcase and that's it exactly.  Keith and I went out and did a very small amount of shopping today and the number one stop was Garden Ridge to get some ribbon.  We put the gift inside and tied the top closed with a pretty bow.

And just like that a gift is wrapped in fabric.  :)

"For it is in giving that we receive." - St. Francis of Assisi


Stephanie said...

What a great idea!

cinnamongirl93 said...

That fabric bag is a fantastic idea! Wow! I never thought of that. Your package looks so pretty bow and all.

JeanieBeanie said...

Very good! There was a lady at the craft show on Saturday that was selling reuseable gift wrap made of beautiful fabrics. I did not see how much she was selling them for because she was busy talking to someone, but I was tempted to purchase from her. Thought it was a fantastic idea though. So pretty!!!

Rebecca Jo said...

LOVE IT!!!! I wrapped all my gifts one year in comic paper saved throughout the year... I liked it - my husband not so much - but I am all about recycling!!!

And love you have a man who will go in Hobby Lobby - there's a hardware store next to ours - all the men drift there -its funny to watch!

Lovin Hello Kitty said...

great idea and something wonderful to do next year...hum another project....along with my christmas balls that have ink in them that are sitting on the shelf waiting to be made! Love it though.

Debby said...

The re useable gift bags...what a great idea! I still have a huge amount of paper left from a roll bought at Costco but I may shop the after season sales and get some Christmas fabric for next year.
Thank you for commenting on the quiet books. I'm glad I did them for the little ones. And three of my little ones are the same age as your granddaughter (birthday in July). If you have any problems finding the pattern I'm willing to lend mine since there are no more little ones....for awhile!

Renna said...

Your bag is lovely! I've been making small fabric gift bags for about 20 years. I usually do it when I want to present a special gift to someone. I've never thought about actually doing it on a large scale; though I did sew a really big bag one year when I couldn't find a box large enough for an odd and oversized gift. My mind's a humming with the possibilities. :-D

My hubby will accompany me to craft stores, but primarily because we're always on out-of-town trips when we go in them (no big craft stores here in Hicksvill). It's that or sit in the car. He knows if he sits in the car, I might be in there all day. ;-Þ