Monday, July 02, 2007

The Countdown Is On!

The grandbaby is officially due in July and since my calendar says that month is indeed here, we are excited!!! Excited more so since Loni is having contractions. They are not steady yet, so I do realize it can be a while. And I haven't talked to her yet this morning, so for all I know right now things might be hopping in their household!

It's amazing how much a person can love somebody they haven't even met yet. Thinking about her honestly gives me such a warm and peaceful feeling. I can't wait to look into her eyes and feel her in my arms. :) I spoke to my cousin this week and I always love hearing her talk about her grandbaby. She absolutely loves her little girl and hearing the toddler girl voice in the background talking to her MeMe just warms my soul. I can't wait!!!

Our weekend went really well - this was the first time in quite a while that we didn't have something "very important" to do or somewhere to be. Lots of relaxing at home together. We did go on Saturday to see Live Free or Die Hard and enjoyed that. I did, however, come out of the theater with a headache as they had the volume quite high. Wonder if it's always been that way or am I getting old??? Hmmm.... Last night we watched Failure To Launch at home (a gal at work had loaned me the movie) and that was cute. It did get us to talking about the whole Empty Nest thing and how so many people keep mentioning to me how either they themselves or people they know have problems when it's just the two of them again. How blessed Keith and I are to be having so much fun together.

Which brings me to the Honor Your Husband 30 Day Challenge. Being sure to keep Keith first in my life has brought some amazing results. My first thought to not put a lot of my feelings on my blog seems to be correct as I seem to be having a problem lately with some people twisting many of my words around to their benefit. Therefore I will just say that this challenge has been a tremendous blessing to my family and I encourage everybody to do this.

These are the cupcakes I took to work last week - Chocolate Cupcakes with Peanut Butter Icing. They were so good and the fun part about this recipe was that one of the guys I work with brought the recipe and asked me if I would make them some time! The recipe looked good enough that I told him I'd move them to the top of the rotation, which made him grin. Always good to keep your workmates happy! :)
Friday night I went scrapbooking with some friends (nothing like bouncing around on different subjects!!!) and had the best time! I laughed so much and so hard that my cheeks hurt by the time I came home. Project pictures to follow. :) And we met some new ladies that were at the table next to us and they were a ton of fun as well. Good times....


Anonymous said...

I can't wait!!

You really should have a when does she get here contest or something.

Just sayin'

Enid said...

Ohh my need to let us know....I am excited for you are going to be so good at it...and I too not saying much in the honor your husband thing...just a little bit out there!

tarcher said...

I know exactly what you are feeling. My DGS is such a blessing. I can't wait until my next visit to hold him again.