Monday, July 09, 2007

Joe's Manicure

Saturday was time to trim Joe's nails again, an activity that never fails to excite him (not!). I find it easiest to take him outside to do this as the sunlight shining on his nail makes it easier to see the vein and avoid that unpleasant bleeding. We were not out there very long at all and I kid you not I had at least ten mosquito bites on my calves and ankles!

Yes, West Nile definitely went through my mind, but not in a panic sort of way. More of a "I need to start being more careful about this sort of thing" sort of way.

And oh my word did they ever itch! Luckily we were just talking about this very thing at work the other day and I was ready. When you have itchy mosquito bites, coat them with nail polish! I am hear to tell you it really works!!! Stopped the itch in its tracks. I personally opted for clear, but I can see how using different colors might be kind of fun.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Joe!!!! Sorry big guy!!! You need to learn my trick. Chewing your nails. LOL!!!