Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lunch and Melody's Sofa

I just finished eating lunch. Now that in itself is no big thang - I do it everyday. What is a big deal is the whole story behind it - in my opinion anyway.

You see, I brought leftover hot dish to work today. I heated it up and ate at my desk, of course dropping noodles down my shirt. Not a problem as I am single handedly keeping Tide in business now that they've come out with the fab Tide Pens. But I digress...

What came to mind while I was eating lunch is that Keith and I are definitely entering a new phase in our lives. Being an Empty Nester means lots and lots of leftovers. I now look at this as a very good thing. After eating dinner last night I took the massive bowl of leftover hot dish and divided it up into many little plastic dishes. Several went into the freezer and a couple in the fridge. That made it so easy this morning to reach in, grab leftovers and off to work I go.
It's a funny feeling not having to have enough food for the kids. And our consumption of certain things has dramatically dropped - like Pepsi. We used to go through it like water, but a 12 pack will now last a couple of weeks for Keith and I. To be fair, we drank more Pepsi in the past as well and now pretty much have water with most meals. But teenage kids drink a LOT of soda if it's in the house.
I think once I make the mind switch I'm going to enjoy the new way of cooking. Meals for two also allows us to have some things that used to be too expensive for a family meal. And I do hope they come home and eat with us often. I miss the full table.
Now I leave you with this link - Melody's Sofa - and scroll down to her podcast. She has been one of the movers and shakers in the scrapbook world for many years and has gone through trials in her personal life the last three years. She also is entering a new phase in her life and the podcast is an interview. I have had her blog in my "Grace" folder in my bloglines as she always gives me food for thought and this podcast is no exception. It's fifty minutes long and I'm only halfway through, but I do recommend it.

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