Monday, February 26, 2007

Joe and Whining

I try really hard to not use this blog as a pity party for my illness. But darn it, sometimes I just do not feel good! The last 2 weeks it's been about all I could do to work and sleep. So this weekend I did not go scrapbooking with my friends on Saturday and I did not go to the yarn dyeing class with my friends on Sunday. Instead I slept. And I did weep a bit at having to miss out. But I do feel better and hope this prevented an out and out flare.
To make it up to everybody - since the above paragraph was whining - I give you a very cute picture of Joe. I am so loving this camera and think that once I actually learn how to use it I'll love it even more. ;)

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Journi said...

Hi - I am just going to be getting to know you, but since you blog and I blog, I was interested in reading your's a bit - also we share a similar love of Christ. But there may be one more thing we share - you mentioned that you didn't like to use your blog as a 'whining' place for your illness. I really understand that because I, too, am chronically ill and disabled, but I have just wanted to pass on to you that just because you feel dissapointed about not being able to participate in something you love or even just feel good is not whining. Whine on my friend - at least to someone - or you will end up as I did before I learned to accept and understand - depressed! Also, you probably know this, but there is a wonderful Christian publication out there call HopeKeepers and is for Chronically Ill or in Pain Christians and does not concentrate on the illness or whining but give tools and stories as how other cope. I hope to get to know you! And God Bless!