Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bloggy Tea Party

Monica from The Homespun Heart had the great idea to have a Blog Tea Party this Valentine's Day and I have decided to take part. The rules are simple: Share photos and details about our wedding and share positive qualities that we enjoy and appreciate about our husbands.

The second part is very easy for me. We have been married almost 27 years now and I can honestly say that it just keeps getting better and better. Right now we are entering into another new season of our life where we will soon become grandparents. Sometimes that's hard to believe...especially when I think of last September when the two of us were out riding motorcycles together and playing Evil Knievel! We are young at heart though and eager to share our love and excitement and joy in life with our new grandbaby.

And it's so easy to love this man! One of our favorite phrases to each other is "I chose you" and that really says so much. When you think about marriage and realize that out of all the people on the planet the two of us chose each other to spend our lives with, well that can be a pretty amazing thought. We truly are soulmates and best friends. And this line from the song always makes me think of Keith: "God bless the broken road that led me straight to you."

The other part of the rules was a little tougher for me and actually was good to motivate me now - thanks Monica! I couldn't tell you where any wedding pictures are and I'm a little embarrassed to admit that! So now when things slow down a bit around here I plan on finding our wedding pictures and getting some displayed. I did pull out our Marriage Certificate though and scanned a portion of it to prove we really are married - LOL!

I guess I've always been somewhat of a rebel and this side of me came out when we got married. Keith and I met on a blind date.....and we eloped to get married. We headed west and stopped in to visit a friend of mine in a very small town in New Mexico. Our hope was to be married in a Lutheran Church and we did go and visit one and talked to the pastor there. I remember him wondering about the young couple sitting before him and he expressed his concerns over our choice of marrige ceremonies. I would love to be able to let him know that the wedding really did "take" and that we are still married today! He did agree to officiate and the day of the ceremony we headed to the church - me in a wool skirt and maroon velvet blazer and Keith in his denim suit. My friend insisted we stop at the grocery store and get some flowers on the way, so I really did have a bridal bouquet. And we had a little instamatic camera (126 for those that remember them) for our wedding portraits.

Though the pictures may have faded and the flowers and wedding attire are long gone, we are proof positive that the size of the wedding does not necessarily foretell the success of a marriage. We had the Lord's blessing and the love in our hearts and it has lasted all these years. He truly is my beloved....and I am his.


Manda said...

awww, see? That makes me feel so much better about us wanting to just.. go. LOL :) what a great story. :) thank you for sharing! :D

Monica Wilkinson said...

I SO enjoyed reading your post and appreciate you sharing of your sweet memories of your day! You have encouraged me! Thanks!