Sunday, February 18, 2007

All Day Crop

Saturday was time for another all day crop with friends. You know the day is going to be fabulous when it starts with meeting everybody at Starbucks - LOL! With coffee, coffee cake and cupcakes in our hands we headed out in the convoy. The hour drive was over before we realized because, at least in our car, the talking never once stopped!

We were at the crop for twelve hours and the only thing I have to show is the layout above. And, truth be told, I will mention that I already had a good portion of this finished before I even packed to go to the crop! That's ok - the fun of a crop to me is all the talking and so much laughter. It's good to spend time with Christian girlfriends.

And this is the prize I won from one of the drawings! Lots of laughter when I got this as well because I am the only one in our group without one of these bags, so we decided it was meant to be.

There were several ladies there that I hadn't seen in way too long and it was awesome to catch up. I am still amazed that sleepyhead me was able to be awake and alert for that length of time. :)

Last night as I lay in bed thinking about the day, what came to my mind was a moment last week while I was at a doctor appointment. I was sitting in my 4th floor exam room waiting for the doctor when I noticed a group of trees. They were very tall, rising above my vantage point on the 4th floor, but very narrow trees. This day a cold front had come through and it was quite windy, causing the trees to sway back and forth. What struck me while watching these trees was the tree in the middle. I do not have a green thumb whatsoever, so I can't explain why, but the center tree seemed to sway the most in the wind. With each gust of wind this tree would blow back and forth. It never toppled though, because each time it swayed it would knock into one of the other trees around it. Over and over I watched this same thing occur.

And now I know that I was witnessing something important about our lives in those trees. Many times things happen in life that cause us to stumble or sway. But the Lord places family and friends around us to catch us and keep us from falling. Even when a particularly strong "gust" might blow against us, there are those that keep us upright. And He is there with His arms around us all to keep us safe.

What a blessing to know that we are never alone.

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tarcher said...

What a wonderful way to look at things Liz. You are awesome.