Saturday, December 30, 2006

Third Time's The Charm???

Last night I decided to cast on a new sock and reached for one of my sock kits. Finished the ribbing and one pattern repeat and while it's not my new favorite pattern or yarn color, I do think it will make very practical socks.
Today I sat down to knit some more and realized that this sock was going to be ginormous! Now I am not a dainty person at all and I have feet to match, so I had opted for the size medium on this pattern. As I tore this sock out and rewound the yarn I puzzled over my big feet in a size small sock.
This evening was the perfect time to cast on and start again. Keith and I looked for a movie on pay per view and decided on Disney's Cars. I figured that I wouldn't have to pay close attention to a cartoon movie and again finished the ribbing. Upon examination it still looked large to me. Then the light bulb finally came on - the pattern calls for size 2.0 mm needles and I grabbed my size 2 needles! I laughed, tore the stitches out and rewound the yarn again. Now to hunt through my stuff and look for the right needles. ~ sigh ~

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Anonymous said...

I must know........did Keith roll his eyes when you realized this? I am cracking up at you!!