Monday, December 18, 2006

No Cards From Me

Very strange thing happened yesterday. I sat down all ready to get the Christmas cards addressed and in Monday's mail, but almost immediately started getting a headache. Didn't stop to give it any real thought until Keith walked into the room and asked what smelled so bad. Upon further investigation we discovered it was the cards! Apparently the glue underneath all the glitter was smelly - it had a very petroleum-like smell to it. And the foil-lined envelopes were rather pungent as well. We set the whole mess outside to try the airing out method and opened the house and got the fans going to try and get the "fragrance" out. I checked on them this morning and could still smell it, so they are headed to the trash.

So for family and friends that are reading this blog, you will not be getting a Christmas card from our family after all this year. And believe me, it is for the best.

~ Elizabeth

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Shelley L. MacKenzie said...

Oh wow...I have never heard of anything like that happening before! Very weird!