Saturday, December 09, 2006

Movies and Dogs

Another picture of my pooch. Honestly he just makes me laugh so much, from the tail wags that move his entire back end to the way he whines and snivvels when the cat gets too close. And he has just been loving the last month with friends coming to visit me after surgery. Or in Joe World, friends coming to visit HIM and pet him and bring him gifts. Goofy pup.

One such visit was this morning. Dawn and I have been looking forward to the movie The Holiday since the movie trailers first started appearing on tv and today was the big day. She came to pick me up this morning and had to come in first to bring a treat to Joe. I suppose that might have just a little to do with why he's happy to see my friends!

When we pulled into the theater parking lot we had a bit of a surprise and then lots of laughing - the parking lot was virtually deserted and this NEVER happens! Of course, we were seeing the 10:25 showing and I guess that one doesn't have a big turnout. Dawn did point out that perhaps we could get the senior citizen early bird special that early, which would have been nice considering how costly movies have become. Or how "old" I'm becoming to start noticing that sort of thing!

The movie was wonderful and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think one thing that I loved was my lack of embarrassment over "those kinds of scenes" if you know what I mean. At one point the couple on screen were talking the sheets and the next thing you saw it was the next morning - woohoo! I do not need to see every detail of that sort of thing plastered on the 40 foot movie screen!

1. Having friends to play and laugh with!
2. Having friends that know they can call me during an emergency and that I will drop everything to be there for them. She has been in my prayers all evening.
3. Having a husband that fully understands that I'm still not able to do much around the house, including cooking dinner, so he just asked where I wanted to eat tonight!

~ Elizabeth

For the Lord loves the just and will not forsake His faithful ones. - Psalm 37:28

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