Friday, March 03, 2006

Watch What You Say

Things like good words or hurtful words can obviously make a difference in another person's life. But even the "not so big" words can make a difference as well. My sister-in-law has been extolling the virtues of Paula Deen for quite some time. I've never caught her show though, so really had nothing to add to the conversation - and still haven't seen it. But when I was in the grocery story the other day - finally, we needed food! - I saw the Paula Deen magazine in the stand and decided to pick it up, largely because of my sister-in-law. Well this is a magazine I might really get some use out of! The recipes are "real" and things we might actually eat. I now have a new grocery list and will hopefully make it to the store this afternoon to try some things over the weekend. And the mac and cheese I believe is the one that Michele brought to our Christmas dinner and it was da bomb!

I did manage to work on some scrapbooking last night and my new plan of doing old pictures I think will be perfect. I pulled a box out of the closet labeled "Kids Before School" and Lynne' and I spent quite a bit of time going through them. So that will be my focus for awhile.

And I learned a new trick on Paint Shop Pro yesterday! I love the look of black and white photos where one thing is colored as a focus point and I did it - woohoo! Uploaded my new picture to Sams and went and picked it up last night and am just tickled pink over it.

~ Elizabeth

Yes you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!" - unknown

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Jan said...

I love watching Paula Deen!