Thursday, March 09, 2006

Baby Joe

Finally feeling a little more "normal" today after a slight setback healthwise. I even had to get my cane out again and that really makes me sad. But luckily it's been put away again and my strength is returning. And I know better than to work as much as what I have been recently.

Lynne' brought in this picture last night of Joe when he was just a baby. What a sweet little guy! It was fun to look through the pictures and see the plethora of skin he had then vs. the abundance of "plump" he has now.

And ever so barely I've started messing with my various crafts again! The room is a horrible mess right now and my personal deadline of getting it completely redone and organized before the start of summer is fast approaching. I know that once lake season hits I won't be around enough to do extra in there. But in the meantime we'll see what gets done.

I've started a Texas square for a community baby blanket. A lady in an online group I'm with is expecting her second grandchild and she asked us all to knit a square for her so that she could put it together as a blanket. What an absolutely brilliant idea! Our only parameters were to use Cotton Tots yarn, size 7 needles and whatever color we wanted. I cast on during lunch yesterday with grape yarn and have a good start on it. I really like knitting with Cotton Tots and made a charity baby blanket with it last summer after my surgery since the pattern required no thought. Then after we heard about this woman's grandbaby we discovered we had two moms to be with us, so two more squares. I really do love this idea and am happy to take part. It's also a nice, easy project to ease myself back into the crafting sphere.

~ Elizabeth

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; His love endures forever. - Psalm 118:1


A day with Enid and things she LOVE said...

Aww Elizabeth Jow was such a sweety when little, wondering if still has that baby?

Loni said...

Awww. That makes me want a baby Joe. :o)