Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Card

This is the card I made for Keith's birthday tomorrow. It's not exactly a traditional birthday card, but our relationship is so wonderful and strong and when I saw this stamp set I knew it was right. And the most amazing thing about this card is that I came up with on my own! And even more amazing, I made it Saturday at retreat and when some of the other girls saw it, they borrowed my stamp set and made similar cards. That has to be the most incredible flattery in the world and I am lovin' it!

~ Elizabeth

Two angels met one day in heaven above, two kindred souls, attuned to perfect bliss. Attracted by subtle powers of love, lips greeted lips, and thus was born a kiss. And since that time on earth as in heaven, whenever faithful lovers meet or part, fond lips touch lips; a fervent kiss is given, that seals the vows of each devoted heart. - unknown

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