Thursday, March 23, 2006

Cold Spring Morning

This picture was taken last week when we had such warm weather. Today it was 37 degrees when Joe and I took our walk! I suppose that means it was invigorating and he sure had a bounce in his step - very happy puppy!

I'm kind of on a roll lately with cooking disasters. Late yesterday afternoon I put a pumpkin bread in the oven since it's one of Keith's favorite. I decided it would be a nice treat for him to have a piece after church last night. Unfortunately, the center was not cooked and the edges burned. I really think that Paula Deen has no worries about me going after her job.

Tonight after work I'll be a busy little girl getting all my scrapbook stuff together for a retreat this weekend - my first! This one is pretty close to the house, so I'm not sure if I'll stay there overnight or if I'll come home to sleep. Either way, it will be great fun to spend time with friends and have no worries except for scrapbooking and eating! It's a strange feeling though as I don't think I've ever spent a weekend away from Keith just having fun with friends.

~ Elizabeth

"Believing in someone is the best kind of love." - unknown

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