Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Dinner Party with Friends

Last night I met a group of my girlfriends for our 1st Annual Christmas Party at Olive Garden.  Good food, wonderful ladies and GIFTS – LOL!  It was an incredibly wonderful evening.

Cindy, our organizer, is truly a gifted hostess.  She had several games and activities ready for us and the evening was so much more than “just having dinner together,” though that too is a wonderful thing to do.  When we first got to the restaurant she had a santa hat at each place setting and do you know each and every one of us wore them?  So fun to have friends that don’t mind a little silly – even in public!

One of the moments that will always stand out in my memory is reading the story of Christ’s birth together.  Cindy had little cards that each had a verse printed on them and she had us pass them around.  Each person was to take 2 or 3 cards and we ready the verses in number order.  I seriously got tears in my eyes listening to my cherished friends reading this story.

We also did our version of the “dirty santa” game.  I made another fat quarter gift bag and found the cutest little ceramic gingerbread man measuring spoons at Pier 1.



Aren’t they they cutest? 

When I got home last night I still had my santa hat on and Keith looked at me, chuckled, and said “looks like you had a really good time!”   Yes… I really did!   Smile

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Anonymous said...

I just found your blog......putting it in favorites to look over the archives. I love to sew and found that same gift bag tutorial just after Christmas last year. Love it, so easy and so cute! I've made it for several holidays throughout the year,(and with birthday fabric) but couldn't wait for Christmas to come around again. Those measuring spoons are too cute :o) Blessings, Marie