Saturday, December 03, 2011

{Saturday Stumbles} 12/3/11

‘Tis the season!  Is your mind filled with gift buying/creating, wrapping and presenting?  I <big puffy heart> gifts for my friends and family and love this time of year.  My gifts might not always be the gift they’ve always wanted or the just perfect gift, but I guarantee it always comes from the heart.

So for the past few months I’ve been pinning all sorts of amazing ways to wrap gifts on my cleverly named Pretty Packages board on Pinterest.  If you want more information on anything below just click on the photo to go to the original site.  And leave them a comment letting them know how awesome they are.  :)


green bow

Isn’t this bow simply gorgeous?  The site has step-by-step instructions.


map gift wrap

This gift wrapping is more subtle, but I think it would be especially awesome to match the map to the recipient’s favorite place – or dream vacation spot.


Pyramid Box Bow

A different way to tie bows – from M. Stewart herself.


vintage packages

I encourage you to click through to this one – she has several gift wrapping ideas and they are just stunning.  I look at the picture above and while vintage is the first word that comes to mind, I think genteel is also in there.  Ladylike.  Beautiful.


HK gift bag

Of course a cute idea for the Littles – or my friend Dawn!  This is so darling and looks to be so easy to do.  Click around on her site and look at the rest of the Hello Kitty party she’s posted.


paper candy pouch

A little less formal – and wouldn’t they be fun stocking stuffers?  Or maybe little gifts for office friends, neighbors, etc.?

I saw this on Pinterest and when I clicked over to the blog – well I’m the newest follower.  Don’t you just love finding a blog that has the same taste on things that you do?  Doesn’t mean I’ll get all this stuff done, but it sure is fun to look at their ideas!

Enjoy!  And if you’re on Pinterest let me know so I can follow you!

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Scrapbdazzled said...

Love the paper sewn gift bag for M&M's. Great ideas! Bernie