Wednesday, August 31, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I think one of the problems I have with keeping up with and actually finishing some of my projects is that I just have so many things in the works!  I walk into my room in the evening to do *something* and relax and really too often I can’t even remember what I’m working on or ready to do next.  SURELY this will help keep me on my toes!!!



I am seriously in love with this yarn!  I bought it at The Loopy Ewe when mom and I were up there in April for the Spring Fling. We were actually the first group to get to visit the store and oh my word it was like yarn overload – how in the world is a girl supposed to choose among all those fabulous options?  I did pretty good though since I went armed with a list of projects and this was one of the skeins I bought.  It’s Malabrigo (mmmm……) Sock in the Prinavera colorway.  absolutely gorgeous!

It’s going to be a Melody Shawl (though mine will be a scarf) just as soon as I can locate the project that holding my KnitPicks needles hostage!



This will very soon be a DARLING dress for my new American Girl doll!  I just got her and her entire bedroom set last weekend from a friend whose daughter doesn’t play with them.  I am BEYOND thrilled and pictures will be soon.  It will all stay at my house and when B comes to visit I am certain that she and I will have so much fun playing!  And fortunately I still have Lynne’s Samantha doll at the house so that there will be two to play with.  ~ very happy sigh ~



This will soon be what I am hoping will be something to keep me organized with my crafting!  I have some awesome friends that I don’t get to see nearly often enough, so I whined and sniveled via email that maybe we could at least share pictures of our projects. Or better yet post a challenge every now and then so it’s sorta like we’re working together – only apart.  This will be the first challenge project and I’m beyond thrilled with how it looks…in my mind.  Smile

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