Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Group Granny Stripe Baby Afghan

Last night was our Mission Crafts Ministry meeting at church - or Knitting With The Church Ladies as I usually call it. LOVE these ladies so much! We craft and laugh and pray - does it get any better than that???

One of the ladies is expecting her first grandbaby, so we wanted to give her a baby afghan from all of us. I found the Granny Stripe afghan pattern on the Attic24 Blog and that was perfect for our needs!

A picture of the yarn pallette we chose - Vanna's Choice Baby using colors that I think of as a bit more modern. Love how they look all jumbled in the cart ready to go. :)

The Beginning of the afghan! I did the two rows of each color, then met one of the gals for dinner and the hand off so that she could do her rows. It is AMAZING how fast this pattern goes - lightning fast crochet!

Here's the blanket as of our meeting last night! I am head over heels in love with the way it's coming out, although I see all of those ends that will have to be woven in and it almost gives me palpitations. ;) Happily, we do actually have a gal that says she enjoys the weaving and she is FAST at it!

Last night as we all did the ooh and ahh over this blanket we made a decision that after giving this to Doris we will start another and always have one in process. We'll probably leave it at the church and then anybody can work on it. This way when our church gets a call from somebody that needs a blanket we will be ready.

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