Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Grandma Loves Dora Cereal!

(first let me assure you this is not a sponsored post….)

Dora Cereal

When we were all together for the 4th of July weekend I impulse bought a box of Dora cereal for just in case Brooklyn didn’t like whatever we cooked for breakfast. Turned out to be unnecessary as she ate anything we did, so I had this box at the house.



Well lo and behold, I tried it and liked it!  I’ve always LOVED the uber sugar sweetened cereals, but don’t get them since I know they’re so bad for us. But it turns out this sweetened cereal is actually about the same carb level as my Cheerio’s!

And it makes me smile and think of Miss B every time I sit down to a bowl of Dora cereal.  Because really Grandmas are just little girls at heart.  Smile

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