Sunday, July 10, 2011

Brooklyn Loves 4th of July at the Lake!

We had such a tremendously grand time at the lake for 4th of July this year!  Family and friends filled the cabin with I think more than have ever spent the night before – so awesomely blessed. And any time you come out of a big weekend like that and wish you’d had more time it’s a great indication of how well it all went.

Hold on for a picture heavy grandma bragging post!



Brooklyn had so much fun in the water this year! Last year she was still kind of iffy about the whole thing, but the last few weeks she’s been in swimming lessons and they are obviously worth every single penny.  She loved jumping off the back of the boat, mostly to mommy, but you know that Papa is always there for her as well.



She also enjoyed just kind of hanging out and floating in the water. It’s one of our favorite things to do as well, so we were happy to see that it was fun for her too.



I never realized just how important “noodle” selection is!  However, my goofy family loves to get the noodles with the hole down the center, push it under water to fill it, then aim and blow the water at unsuspecting friends!  Brooklyn got the hang of this very fast and her laugh is sweetness to this grandma’s ears.



Papa and Brooklyn swam over to the shore and she got a lesson on skipping rocks. She came back so excited and telling us about it and Papa confirmed that she actually skipped a rock for one bounce!  Hey – that’s better than grandma does!!!   Smile



I gotta confess though that before we headed out on the boat she was a trooper and helped do the breakfast dishes. Actually, it was all her idea and she had FUN messing around in the water!  Papa was right there to be sure they were actually clean, but do you know she stood there and did them all – and even laughed while she did it?



Washing dishes is really quite a serious thing that requires great concentration!


“GRANDPA - so simple even a child can operate!” – unknown


Cheryl said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time. Love the pic of her washing dishes.

Ginger said...

Great pictures! I love gatherings like that...always fun.