Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I’m still enjoying all the memories and things said over our Thanksgiving holiday.  Really I think that Thanksgiving is one of my favorites as it’s a time to pause and give thanks and enjoy one another. 



I’ll admit that our holiday had a lot of this little lady and every one of us enjoyed that.  Even spending three days at our house we never once saw her pout or do any sort of meltdown.  Truly she’s just fun to be with.  I will admit though that one night when it was the two of us sharing a bed, well, I ended up sleeping at a diagonal because she’d moved quite a bit during the night. Wouldn’t have changed a thing about it though.  Smile



And we had a LOT of food!  This picture is a little out of focus, I think because we were shaking with anticipation.



There was even time for some serious play in the leaves.  I *love* the sound of a little one tromping and running through leaves.  And she *loved* the sound as well and laughed a lot while she was doing it.

Now as we pack away the pumpkins and scarecrows, the orange and rust colored candlesticks and tablecloths, it’s time to look ahead and enjoy the next holiday!

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