Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stringing Beads With a Toddler


I will admit that I was SO EXCITED when I remembered this idea.  I love all kinds of crafting and I’m looking forward to sharing that with my granddaughter.  So when I knew she was coming to the lake over the 4th, well grandma and grandpa went shopping for supplies!

Sometimes I get amazed when I see her little hands and fingers and all the dexterity she has at almost three years old.  Really it’s such a blessing to watch them grow up.


004 copy

I decided to get pipe cleaners rather than worry about string since I didn’t know how this would turn out.  But of course she surprised me and started stringing them immediately!  We are assuming they must do this at day care.  Either that or, my favorite answer, she’s a child prodigy!   :)


014 copy

Grandpa got involved and started asking her to do numbers of colors so that it would be a learning experience.  In this picture he had asked her to put “2 orange” beads on the string.

Brooklyn spent a good bit of time sitting and stringing beads.  When she got the first pipe cleaner filled I asked if she wanted a bracelet and she did.  I twisted the ends and she handed it her Aunt Lynne’ and then the next one she made she gave to her Daddy.  So sweet!

I highly recommend bead stringing if you have a toddler.  This one enjoyed it highly.  :)


Christina said...

I love getting ideas from your blog! We have tried beads with string - which was too hard for little fingers! Off to get some pipe cleaner, now!

Cheryl said...

Just darling and so smart !

Our Family for His Glory said...

We used pipe-cleaners when I taught preschool- & now I use them with my own little ones :) They are just right for little hands!!