Friday, July 09, 2010

Friday’s Fave Five #96

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So did y’all miss me?  :)  We are now back from a week at the lake, starting with a fabulous 4th of July weekend with family.  And that vacation will be the subject of my Friday Fave Five this week.  See more at Susanne’s Living to Tell the Story blog.

1. Little Miss Brooklyn -


I love this picture that Keith took.  He told me that she did not want her picture to be taken right then and was running and you can really tell in the picture!  We all had so much fun with her this holiday.  She’ll be turning 3 in a week and when I tell you that even though I’m her grandmother I really am not biased – she’s just so much fun to be with!  (ok…maybe a little biased).

At one point Keith was going to take a group of people out in the boat and when she heard the boat was going out she came running in to get me and told me she needed her “jacket” on (lifejacket).  I started getting her ready and she was jumping on the bed and oh so excited that she had a hard time even telling us about it. 

Toddler joy is a site to behold.

2. Sparklers


It was a very different 4th of July this year because of all the rain we had due to the hurricane remnants.  In spite of that, we still all had a great time.  One thing we all agree on is that the time spent together is more important than what we are doing. And we had a very full house this year – big blessings!

The big fireworks displays were rained out, but the kids walked down to a fireworks stand and got some packages of sparklers for Brooklyn to try for the first time.  Now when my kids were little we happened to read the sparkler package one time and found out they are really “magnesium sticks” and since that time we have always referred to sparklers as Flaming Sticks of Magnesium.  It was with a full heart that I got to see my granddaughter playing with her first Flaming Sticks of Magnesium this year. 

3. Golf Cart Parade

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Truly one of my favorite parts of the 4th of July holiday is the golf cart parade.  It has such a Norman Rockwell small town flavor to it and I was so pleased that the rain stayed away for that little bit of time.  Brooklyn had a lot of fun with the different golf carts that threw necklaces and candy out to the crowd.

4. Keith’s Folks


This year Keith’s parents even made it down to the lake for the 4th of July festivities.  What fun that they went out in the boat – and of course Brooklyn is right up front with her daddy!  It was great to see them laughing and riding the boat – Keith grew up with always having a boat in the family, but they sold theirs many years ago.  They had a great time riding in one again and I’m hoping to see them at the lake more often now. And special thanks to my sister-in-law Michele for taking pictures on this boat ride for me!  :)

5. FOOD!!!


Oh what a wonderful meal we had!  We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and corn on the cob, had potato salad, baked beans, fruit salad, watermelon and cake.  Mom and I fixed a hamburger and hot dog, then cut each in half and traded, which was the best way to be able to try everything.


Loni found corn on the cob for only ten cents each, so bought a bunch and showed us how to get them ready for grilling.  Loni and Michele set up under the tarp outside and even had Miss B helping at one point. 

And that’s what it’s all about – the helping and laughing and talking and eating.  What a joyous blessing this weekend was!

PS – Just because I happen to love this 4th of July photo of my granddaughter from last year, here’s the link:  Brooklyn Waiting for Fireworks


Karyn said...

sounds like a wonderful family time!

Toddlers are so much fun, aren't they?

Your little one is so cute. I love the first photo of her running away!

Tales From My Empty Nest said...

I have knitted 4 scarves and have almost finished the 5th one for your Missions project. I will finish up this last one and get them in the mail to you. I hope this helps out. It was fun thinking about who would get them in Peru, while I was knitting them. Love & blessings from NC!