Sunday, July 11, 2010

Brooklyn Loves Kincaid’s

I keep a list of sorts on my computer of things to do about town.  Any time I read about a great place to visit or a ‘must try’ restaurant – into my bookmarks it goes.  And I will admit that living in the DFW area makes it easy to have a very full list of things to try.  Texas Monthly magazine came out with their list of the top 50 hamburger joints in the great state of Texas…and into the bookmarks it went.

When we recently had a rare free day in town we decided to try one of the bookmarked restaurants – Kincaid’s.  We didn’t go to the original location because we had some other errands to run, but the one we went to just so happened to be close enough that we called the kids to see if they wanted to meet us there for lunch.

 002 copy

Now, clearly I’m a grandma that loves to show photos of her granddaughter, and I’ll admit that up front.  But seriously, she’s darling.  :)

003 copy

She opted for the kid’s grilled cheese and the little toot loved to get her mama to tease her into taking bites.

I honestly feel blessed that the kids live only a short 45 minute drive from us.  I can’t imagine not getting to see Brooklyn on a regular basis.  This day it was probably only about an hour or a little more since we just met for lunch, but those short visits are worth their weight in gold.

Praises for family!  

Oh and by the way, the hamburgers were totally awesome.  :)


Melinda said...

Oh, yes, some very delicious burgers! They just opened one in my town, but they have stiff competition from two other local burger joints. (I found you through the Bible in 90 days program)

Grami's girls said...

Thanks for the comment!! Grandchildren are just that..GRAND! It's wonderful having little children back in your life!

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Looks like a great place...and great burgers...and I am starving right now...Love your blog...

Jen Archer said...

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Di Heuser said...

Hi Elizabeth,

Thanks so much for the visit to my blog. I LOVE your blog fashion wear. It is really pretty :)