Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Corkscrew Tassel Hat for Brooklyn

I’m almost afraid to type the words “it’s cold”  - because I live in Texas and that’s not REAL cold to a large part of the world.  But we’ve actually had some winter temperatures this year and I guess I’m just really not used to it.  This is the first year I’ve had a winter coat in ages – and only because I recently bought it.  And for a girl who loves flip flops, this having to wear socks or house slippers all the time is for the birds!

So while the weather is cold and while I’m busy knitting all these hats for charity lately it hit me that maybe I should whip up a little hat for Brooklyn.  I found a darling pattern, happened to have some yarn on hand and got to knitting.

All while I was knitting it I did think that maybe I should have done a child size for her rather than a toddler size.  But knit on I did.


And it’s too small.  Might not look bad in the photo, but it doesn’t cover her ears and without ear cover what good is a hat?  The bright side is that this hat will go in my charity pile and I’m sure that a little somewhere will enjoy it.

The hat is made from the Corkscrew Tassel Hat pattern and was easy to do.  One thing to note is that it says to use Peaches n Cream yarn, which I did, and knitting the tassels using non-stretchy cotton yarn about killed my hands.  I pressed on though because really, anything for Brooklyn.   :)



Hey, Elizabeth!! Waht a cute little hat you knitted! I can not even imagine atempting to do such a thing...I have trouble sewing a button on!! :o)

And thanks for responding to my post about my attempts to lose weight!! Yes, I must say Ritz crackers were not the best choice when wanting to splurge!


Tales From My Empty Nest said...

I love that hat pattern. And Brooklyn is so precious!! She looks like a little doll in that hat, even if it is too little! I love to knit too! I am going to check out that pattern. Love & blessings from NC!

Renna said...

Elizabeth, I have always lamented the fact that we don't get much of a winter here in northeast Texas, begrudging those who do. I admitted to someone today, though, that I am ready for some warmth! I do wish we could get at least one snow, though. Everyone around us keeps getting it, but not our little town.

Brooklyn looks darling, too small a hat or not, and the hat is adorable! I'm wondering if cotton-ease might not work well for those tassles.