Sunday, July 12, 2009

Shopping With Brooklyn

And we are home from vacation! This morning I woke up to the strangest sound - the alarm clock. Silly as it sounds I will admit that for a moment after waking I had no clue what was going on. All those days off with no clock were blissful. We got home last night and this morning we got up to go to church and get back into routine.

Not quite ready to shoulder our daily responsibilities, Keith suggested we go and get Brooklyn today and take her shopping with us. She will turn 2 next Saturday and we needed to get a gift purchased. Since Loni was busy getting the house ready for the party I think she was thrilled when I called and asked if we could take Miss B for a few hours.

Since it was over 100 degrees we decided to change our original plans somewhat and go to the mall where it would be cooler. Good choice because there are so many 'cool' things to see when you are 2. And I know that they are cool because that is one of her new words. When a 2 year old says "cool!" with wide-eyed wonder it is indeed a beautiful thing.

We put quarters in a little merry-go-round and she had a blast. Another little girl came and got on when she saw us getting ready to start it and it was so cute afterwards. I'd guess she was about 4 years old and she came over to me to ask if B could come over to her house tonight for her birthday party. "She can even have a piece of my birthday cake!" I thanked her and said that Brooke already had plans to come to Grandma's house, but that I hoped she had a really nice birthday. :)

Pawpaw taught Miss B the fine art of throwing pennies into fountains and honestly you forget about how much fun the simple things are until you experience them again with a Little Bit. She had such a blast and her laughter and squeals of delight brought smiles to so many faces.

We did find a very cute pair of pink sandals that she ended up wearing home from the mall. And we stopped at ToysRUs after the mall and found a few toys that will be wrapped and presented to her next weekend. But most of all, we were just so blessed by spending time with her.

Good times....

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Ginger said...

Oh...the reality of the alarm clock! Hope you had a great vacation.

Miss B is just preciou. You do forget about those simple things that are so special...I enjoyed doing that so much with Katie when she was little!

Have a great day. :)