Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dinner and a Movie, Retro Style

Does this look familiar? I asked my kids and a few gals at work if they remembered the giant cow outside the Sirloin Stockade restaurants and got some blank stares. Are we really that old? LOL!

While on vacation we decided to go out one night for dinner and a movie. Really I think we chose the Sirloin Stockade at least as much for the nostalgia value as we did for the food. Don't get me wrong, the food was really good, but oh how we enjoyed being there. I remember going to one with my parents when we were younger and also when we'd go to Arkansas to visit my grandparents and aunt we'd sometimes splurge and go (though I will admit that going out with the grandparents was a rarity as grandma LOVED to cook).

Dinner was finished in plenty of time to head to the theater. I think we realized just how spoiled we are in the Dallas area to have the stadium seating theaters and even movie theaters that serve dinner during the movie. During vacation though we were in a very small town and this theater reminded me of going to the movies many years ago. Back before everything had to be the biggest, loudest and shiniest. And the best part of this theater? Seeing a first run movie at 7:00 pm on a Friday night cost $3.00!

Truly it was a great evening together.


Anonymous said...

What movie did you see?!

valerie said...

I have several memories of the Sirloin Stockade.
There used to be one right nest door to our church.
Every Sunday evening my friend and I would get to church early and walk up there and we'd order a piece of Texas Toast for 10 cents and then we'd put mayonnaise, dill pickles and season salt on it. :)

She and I still laugh about that.

The big cow was there too. :)