Sunday, September 07, 2008

A Week At The Lake

We are back from an amazing week long vacation at the lake.  Really it couldn't have been more perfect - we started out with Labor Day weekend and had all the kids with us.  And little Miss B has decided that she does indeed love the lake!  I just knew that somewhere deep inside of her was a lake rat just like her grandma waiting to come out!  :)  The photo above I took, along with several of just her little footprints, because there are few things cuter than a one year old walking along a beach.

The kids stayed until Monday, then Keith, Joe (the golden) and I stayed until yesterday.  We did a wide range of things and tired ourselves out by the end of each day.  Gustav managed to show up full of wind and we pretty much stayed at the house for two of the days.  Though we did run to town real quick and one of the ladies there told us to go look at the lake as it had higher waves than she'd seen in years.  Sure enough, we were suitably impressed.  Mom said that Daddy used to say that the lake "got up on her high heels" when it was all stirred up like that.

I'm sure to have stories all week because I'll never be able to remember it all tonight.  :)

I will say that I highly recommend time together like this.  We are relaxed and ready for about anything.  And as we were packing yesterday and listening to an Alan Jackson CD the song "Remember When" came on and Keith and I stopped and did a little slow dance together at the cabin.  I ended up in tears because the song is so beautiful and the timing so good.

"Remember when
30 seemed so old
Now looking back
It's just a stepping stone
To where we are
From where we've been
We'd do it all again
Remember when"

~ Sigh ~   It was truly a beautiful moment and the perfect way to end our week.

Definitely Good Times.....


Renna said...

It sounds like a perfect week. :-)

Wool Winder said...

That's my kind of week!

Rebecca Jo said...

That picture is just the cutest!

JeanieBeanie said...

this is the perfect picture for a layout using "Footprints in the Sand" You could put the story on the page and blow this picture up to a 8x11. I can see it now. She is adorable but then I did not need to remind you of that!!!

StitchinByTheLake said...

Wow! As good as my husband is, and as sweet as he is, I can't imagine him dancing to any song like that. We've been married almost 44 years now and we're still in love, but dancin' - now that's another story! blessings, marlene