Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Silly Saturday

Here it is Wednesday and I haven't posted about my time with my beloved granddaughter last weekend!
Loni and Brooklyn headed over to Lynne's apartment Friday night for a girls' slumber party.  They said that Miss B had a grand time exploring her Aunt Lynne's apartment.  And I love it that my daughter and daughter-in-law get along so well.
Saturday morning the girls called us and we met them at Denny's for breakfast.  I ordered the cute little rocket ship sippy cup filled with apple juice for Brooklyn and she really thought that was great!  (And I just noticed the extra folks in the photo background - they are famous on the internet now and don't even know it!  LOL!)  After breakfast the girls went shopping and we brought Brooklyn home with us to play all day.
We had SO MUCH FUN with her!  For an hour and a half we all played, then she went down for a nap....and grandma and grandpa fell asleep on the sofa and chair - LOL!  Yes, there is a reason babies are given to young mothers.  :)  When she got up from her nap we were all off and running again.  Our house has a "circle" - the entryway to the dining room to the living room to the entryway.  She would walk around and make a grand entrance to the living room and we'd all throw our arms in the air and holler "HI!" to her.  She'd get tickled and start waving her arms around and laughing and would go to somebody for a quick hug and kiss and then off she'd go again.  Oh how I love that precious little girl.
After she went home I came in to transfer the photos from the day from my camera to the computer.  Can you believe the only pictures taken were from my cell phone?  BUT...I took 24 little videos with the camera - HAHAHAHA!!!!


Wool Winder said...

Grandchildren sound like so much fun!

Lovin Hello Kitty said...

she is such a cutie pie! and getting so big...