Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Brooklyn Goes to Hobby Lobby

Loni and I are making Brooklyn's baby announcements! We've gotten together a couple of times and I am thoroughly enjoying it. It really is so much fun to share my hobbies with her. The little toot taught herself to knit, so we have spent time together doing that as well. The announcements are coming out so beautiful and I can't wait to share a picture of them (I figure I better wait until people receive them first!)

Last night Loni, Brooklyn and I went up to Hobby Lobby to get a couple more things for the announcements and naturally I brought my camera. I mean really, this being her first Hobby Lobby trip and all, what's a Grandma to do??? You can see in the picture though that the scrapbooking supplies didn't do much to excite her. And I should've gotten a better picture of just her since she had on an adorable little pink outfit that had a Winnie the Pooh on it, accompanied by sweet little pink shoes.

We next headed to the yarn section - naturally - so that I could pick up a couple of skeins of Simply Soft to start another baby blanket. Apparently yarn wasn't very exciting either! As many knitters as we have in this family I figure it's just a matter of time though.


Knitting Rose said...

Another blanket - another sweater - another kiss - isn't that the way it goes? Kisses and kisses and love and love. She is soo sweet.

Enid said...

She is just precious the trip story to HL, can't wait to see the B.A.