Tuesday, June 13, 2006

3 Days of Fun!

We had another fabulous 3 day weekend at the lake! This one was filled with people and lots of laughter - does it get any better than that? Keith, Joe and I headed up Friday morning and spent a little time on the lake in the afternoon. Much to our dismay when we returned to the cabin we discovered that the air conditioner had finally given up. We took the dog and headed to the nearest town with a Lowe's and bought a fancy schmancy new one and it took quite awhile to get it installed. I swear it was like a sauna in there and as much as I was "glowing" I should surely have lost 10 pounds, but didn't. All is well now though!

Later Friday night James and Loni and Lynne' and her friend Andrea arrived. We had a blast right from the start! Loni, James and I played Jacks and had a good laugh when James declared that "real men play jacks". We also talked about how good mom always was at this and she had taught the kids to play jacks when they would go to the lake when they were little. Good times...

B and R were also at the their place this weekend, so Saturday we spent a grand time out on the water - and found out that Andrea had never been to the lake or on a boat before! She was quite a trooper though and even rode the jet skis....with tears streaming down her face at the beginning. After a minute though she had a grin across her face, so all was well. Saturday night was spent at the National Sand Bass Festival in Madill, Oklahoma. We always love attending this and this year's concert was Mark Chesnut.

I also managed to finish the knitting portion of my 5 Hour Baby Sweater this weekend and will get pictures soon.

And yeah, this is a picture free post as I forgot to get pictures of the weekend. DOH!

~ Elizabeth

"Friends, our life is love and peace and tenderness. We are called to bear one another's burdens, forgive one another, and never judge or accuse one another. Instead, we must pray for one another, helping one another up with a tender hand if there has been any slip or fall." - Isaac Penington

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