Monday, June 10, 2013

Movies on Monday - Epic

One of the most fun movies I've seen recently was with my daughter-in-law and granddaughter.  I had been asking Brooklyn for some time if she wanted to go to a movie and she kept telling me no.  Finally when they were all over one weekend to help Keith with the kitchen remodel we decided to just go, especially since the house was in such a disarray.

We really are lucky to have quite a number of theaters in the DFW area that serve food during the show.  It's also nice that you can pick your seat and reserve it online, so no worries about having to get there early.

This picture is Brooklyn and Loni before the show started.  When we got in our seats Brooklyn started seeing that this would be fun.  Shortly after they started playing the previews of upcoming movies and she kept laughing at them, especially the new Minion movie.  I leaned over and told her that grandma LOVES to go to movies and can never find anybody to go with, so any time she wants to go she should pick up the phone and give me a call.

Such a beautiful selfie of Brooklyn and me before the movie.  This is an untouched, unedited photo - seriously, could I have done anything this splendid in Photoshop???  ;)

The movie started after our photos and shortly after the waiter delivered a brownie sundae for the three of us to share.  I think it was at that point that Brooklyn decided movies are awesome.

And the movie?  It was pretty cute, but I will never understand why a movie made for littles has to have such intense "bad guys" to make a point.  There was a little girl behind us that started crying at the climax of the movie and told her mama "I wanna go home", so they did.  Why try to terrify 5 and 6 year olds???

But as we walked out of the movie Brooklyn was all smiles and saying she wanted to go again.  I would say that Epic got 3 thumbs up from our group!

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