Friday, March 15, 2013

Break the Ice Post

Where has all the time gone? The biggest problem with taking any kind of a blog break, even when it was totally unplanned and unintentional, is that it's very difficult to come up with that "break the ice" and start again post. For what it's worth, this is it. I do have pictures of crafts and family and things I've done, so once I break the ice I'll be back to normal blogging again.

What has happened in the almost a full year since last we spoke? Glad you asked! Here's just a few huge things in our family, in no particular order:

~ Our daughter fell in love, is engaged and will be married in August! Let me tell you that being Mother of the Bride is a lot more work - and tons more fun! - than anybody ever let on!! 

~ Our son and daughter-in-law are expecting their second child in October! We could not be happier for them... and for us! ;)

 ~ After losing our beloved Golden Retriever we just could not bear the thought of getting another one. The flip side of that is that our home was lonely without a dog. God's timing is beautiful - a manager at work sent an email to a few of us saying that the DFW Cocker Spaniel Rescue Group that she worked with was in dire need of fosters. Keith and I talked about and prayed about it, then we became fosters! We kept several dogs until #4 - Beau - and I fell in love. It's called a Foster Failure when the foster adopts the dog, but I'm thinking either way they get a home and that is good. I'll surely be posting photos of this comical, loving dog a lot. He is wonderful.

 ~ I've started knitting again! Really I almost had to with a wedding and grandbaby coming up. Photos of projects soon.

 ~ I'm still making cards and still love it. I also started doing Project Life for my scrapbooking and it fits my needs so perfectly I almost can't stand it!

 ~ I have a serger now (my mother-in-law is letting me borrow hers) and I'm looking forward to using it more. I also have a big hankering for doing some quilting and some clothes for the American Girl dolls that Brooklyn and I love to play with.

 And I will stop here because I could seriously do the world's biggest post trying to catch up. I've missed this and I'm excited to begin again!

Life is good.......


Tracy Batchelder said...

Welcome back!

Debby said...

I missed you! Welcome back!

Teresa said...

I was shocked to see your blog in my "updates" today. ;-) I may have to try to get back at it. LOL!

Anonymous said...
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