Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Funnies

At church this morning we sat behind a young family, as we do many weeks.  After exchanging hugs mom told me that she loves it when we sit by them because she knows we never judge them if the children make noise.  Really though they have the most adorable kids and we enjoy the subtle interactions we have with them.

They have a two and a half year old and a newborn, both boys.  The older boy, M, is constantly making us smile as he stretches his wings and finds his footing in the quiet of Sunday worship.

Today we had a woman at the front doing the Bible reading.  Very quiet, we all followed along in our Bibles.  She finished, and in that quiet you hear the clear as a bell voice of a young boy say “All Done!”  And from where we sat we got to see the accompanying applause that he gave!

There was no way people could keep their chuckles to themselves after that.  :)

The song below is not our church, but it is the last song we sang today.  It is so heartfelt and hard to sing without tears welling up, but it’s one of our very favorites.  The song is Came to My Rescue by Hillsong.


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Charlotte said...

I've experienced moments like that in church. Sometimes you just have to chuckle. Thank you for sharing this experience and the lovely video.

Beanie said...

Very beautiful song!!! Its amazing at how we get attached to those that sit in front of us at Church!!!