Thursday, February 21, 2008

True Light and Atlanta

As I flew in to the DFW airport at night this week I was struck anew by the sight of millions of lights for miles on end. The sheer beauty of the silver and gold lights fills me with awe each time I see it.
I don't fly much. In fact, I can only think of two times in all our 28 years of marriage that Keith and I flew for vacation. The rest of my flights have all been business related through the years. And that's not to say that there have been a lot of them. But each time I'm in an airplane I am just amazed that humans can fly through the air with such ease. Truly a modern wonder.
As we hovered over DFW waiting to land, and as I watched all the lights below with such glee, it made me remember the book I recently read - True Light by Terri Blackstock. The premise of the book is that some sort of pulse knocks out electricity worldwide. It follows one family's struggles and triumphs and actually this particular book is #3 in the series (I just read that #4 will be released 4-18!!!). We live in such times that we take for granted such things as hopping on an airplane and dashing off to Atlanta for a meeting and don't give it a second thought. Or hop on the internet to find the answer to any question with only a moment's effort. A picture of my precious grandbaby can be shared in an instant.
And I sat in that plane as we landed and taxied to the airport where my beloved waited to take me home, I bowed my head in a prayer of thanksgiving. I was back from my trip safe and sound, the meetings went very well, and I was back home to my family. Truly God has blessed me yet again.

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