Monday, June 04, 2007

Brooklyn's Baby Shower

Saturday our side of the family got together for Loni's baby shower and it was SO MUCH FUN! My cousin is the quintessential hostess and every time we've had any kind of shower or gathering it is wonderful - and this one was no exception. The picture is the "chef guy" in her home standing inside her dining room off the entrance of her home. The sign says "Can't wait for Baby Brooklyn!"

We had so much family there and it was truly a blessing. I sat with my cousin and her 5 month old grandson loving on him. I saw my other cousin's daughter 5 months (I think) pregnant and she is just so beautiful. Another cousin's twin boys just turned a year old and they were fun! My grandmother was there, my in-laws, more cousins and kids - truly fabulous.

This shower was a couples shower (the mom-to-be always gets to choose), so really a full house. We even had a sit down dinner for all these people! And baby Max, the 5 month old, coo'ed and played and entertained us all.

The second photo is, obviously, the beautiful cake. So precious and PINK! My family has obviously embraced having a baby girl come into the family as there were so many pink and girlie outfits in the gifts. This will be a very sharp dressed little girl!

Again let me say - It Is Well With My Soul. God is truly gracious to our family and in the heart of our gatherings.

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Anonymous said...

Glad you are having so much fun and it just keeps getting better. Our little girl arrives today! Don't know yet if it is Lily or Emma. Pink is fun!