Saturday, April 02, 2011

Super Saturday!

Poor Keith had to work today (it happens very rarely though, so we try hard not to complain too much!), so I met the kids and watched little B doing her gymnastics class.

Seriously, she is such a joy to be around and always so happy. When they were to walk  from one area to the next you would see her little legs hopping and her jaunty ponytail bouncing. One time the coach had the girls sit on big poofy blocks so they could see what to do next. B had happy feet and they were dancing to their own beat while she sat there.

After class we all went to lunch together and had a great time. Honestly…I don’t think she stopped talking the entire time! One good thing is that if something becomes really important she’ll tap me on the arm to get my attention.  Smile

The other fun thing is that sings constantly! Little made up songs with lots of extreme facial movements. I tried to get a video of her singing, but she is very aware of the camera phone and starts getting more of the sillies than before. But here for your viewing pleasure:

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How sweet! They are so precious!!