Thursday, January 10, 2008

Almost To Twenty - WooHoo!!!

Tonight was weigh in and I lost another pound, which brings me to 18.8 pounds in 15 weeks! Happy, happy, joy, joy! I'm still so surprised that I'm actually staying with it this time.

Our leader tonight had us speak to somebody we didn't know and since I just love opportunities like this I was in my element. Vicki, my new BFF, is a very nice person and we were both talking just as fast as we could before our time was up. Kind of reminded me of that newfangled Speed D@ating I've read about - talk as fast as you can to somebody until the bell rings and move on! We didn't do the move on part though. ;)

Last night I started back at Boot Camp too. Again I am so surprised at myself for getting out there. It really does crack me up too - I laugh so hard each time. One of our exercises last night was with a rubber band thingy with handles. She told us to hold one handle, wrap it around our back and hold the other handle, then we'd do some punches Mohammed Ali style. I'm just tickled beyond belief that she really thinks I can do this sort of thing! The other participant was ready and waiting for me while I was all entangled in the rubber band thingy. Of course I got tickled and started laughing, which didn't help one bit. I finally got it in place and looked up, which caused our trainer to laugh and come over and place my arms where they needed to be.

OK, check, ready to go. PUNCH! Except that my hand moved maybe about four inches or so. Holy moly - I'm standing there all tied up in this contrapation and can't even move! I swore at that point that if I ever got out of it alive SOMEBODY had some splainin' to do! Like a trooper I kept trying to do punches and nothing ever happened. This got my trainer to laughing - big belly laughs I might add - and she told me to do the punches without the rubber band thingy.

Great idea, but could somebody give me a hand here?

I finally got out of the thing and started punching like I meant it, but was so out of breath from the laughing that I just couldn't go on.

And did you know that you can get a charlie horse in your abs from crunches? Oh yes ma'am you can! I will say that my little size 0 trainer said she'd never heard of that she's holding my legs out straight to get rid of the cramp. My abs are reacting like petulant children over this whole crunch thing and are NOT cooperating one bit.

I got the gentle suggestion that perhaps since abs are a weak area that I might consider doing some crunches every day to build them up. You think???

So that's what I just did. Except that I have a big Golden Retriever that is convinced any time I'm laying on the floor that surely I want him to poke a toy in my face.

Happy, happy, joy, joy!



Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the WW success! Playing Wii seems to be a workout for me. My behind hurts after we play Wii bowling...yes, I get into it that much. Boxing gives my arms a workout :)

Wendy said...

Yippee.........Great Job....Keep up the good work, it is well worth the challenge (just wish I could get that through my brain)

Knitting Rose said...

Great job!! you are too funny! I can see all that happening and it makes me want to come and be with you! if exercising was that much fun - I WOULD ALWAYS be there!
Hugs to you and GREAT JOB again.